Bosch REAXX Table Saws

Bosch REAXX Table Saws are now available at KMS Tools and Equipment!

These new saws feature flesh-detecting Active Response Technology—it senses when the blade contacts skin and drops the blade beneath the table before it cuts off your finger.

What’s Notable?

While jobsite table saws with flesh-sensing technology have been available for a few years, Bosch’s system is unique because it doesn’t destroy the saw blade when activated. Another upside is that the system resets in 60 seconds.

Bosch REAXX table saw

An Accurate, Portable Table Saw Made Safer

REAXX delivers the cutting power, precision and excellent portability that Bosch jobsite table saws are known for.

  • The saw has a 15 amp motor that cranks out as much as 4 hp and 3,650 RPM
  • It’s compatible with dado blades (up to 8″) and any 10″ blade including finishing, ripping and general purpose construction blades
  • Advanced electronics deliver a soft start and maintain cutting speed under load
  • Its SquareLock rip fence with spring-loaded pre-squaring aligns to the blade before locking
  • The Gravity-Rise stand is easy to transport and quick to set up and take down
  • The saw’s housing provides on-board storage for everything you need—wrenches, instructions, spare cartridges, etc.

Other Safety Features

Each REAXX table saw also comes equipped with

  • Bosch’s Smart Guard modular blade guard and
  • an adjustable riving knife to prevent kickback.

These safety features, along with Active Response Technology, should place REAXX among the safest jobsite table saws available.

LED Control Panel and Wireless Communication

REAXX table saws also feature easy-to-read LED control panels and the ability to communicate with Android smartphones via near field communications. Using the REAXX Android phone app, you can

    • register your saw
    • access lockout options, performance information, a troubleshooting guide and service requirements.

The app also keeps track of how many activations remain on your current cartridge.* Bosch’s REAXX app for Apple smartphones isn’t as comprehensive, but it does include a troubleshooting guide and information about registration.

*The dual-activation cartridge is the replaceable component of Active Response Technology, the device that drops the saw out of harm’s way. As its name suggests, the cartridge is good for two activations and can be reset in 60 seconds. Simply rotate the cartridge and reset the drop mechanism.

Bosch REAXX table saw specs

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