M18 Fuel Drywall Screw Gun and M18 Cut-Out Tool

After much anticipation, Milwaukee’s M18 FUEL cordless drywall screw guns and M18 cut-out tools are now available at KMS Tools! Check out our March 2017 flyer for fantastic prices on these and other Milwaukee M18 cordless tools.

The Latest M18 Tools

Professional drywallers and serious DIYers take notice: Both the drywall screw gun (2866-20) and cut-out tool (2627-20) are new to Milwaukee’s M18 cordless lineup, and both have plenty of cool features. They also deliver performance that exceeds many corded alternatives.

M18 FUEL Drywall Screw Gun

2866-20 / MILW-286620

When it comes to hanging drywall, speed is productivity. The new M18 FUEL drywall screw gun delivers 4,500 rpm without a load—that’s 500 rpm faster than Milwaukee’s corded screw gun (6742-20). But it’s not just faster. It’s also quieter and more efficient thanks to its innovative Auto Start Mode, which activates the motor when the fastener contacts material. That means you don’t have to press the trigger or lock it on. With Auto Start Mode, the motor runs only while it’s driving fasteners, so the screw gun creates less noise and runs longer. A 5.0 amp hour battery pack delivers enough runtime to hang 64 sheets of drywall.

M18 Drywall Cut-Out Tool

2627-20 / MILW-262720

Milwaukee designed its new M18 drywall cut-out tool to operate at a variety of positions, including at eye level. Its built-in blower pushes drywall dust away from your eyes, helping to ensure visibility through the duration of every cut. Paired with a 1.5 amp hour battery pack, the M18 cordless cut-out tool can cut up to 50 electrical box recesses on a single charge.

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Cordless Cut-Out Tool 2627-20

Goodbye Cords, Hello Cordless

Lacking the cord but not the performance, the M18 FUEL screw gun allows you to do your job faster (with 4,500 rpm) and more efficiently (with Auto Start Mode). If you’re a professional drywaller who works on scaffolding, stilts or lifts, a cordless screw gun frees you from the hassles of working around extension cords. The M18 FUEL drywall screw gun is also ergonomic and lightweight—perfect for overhead work. If you are still using a corded drywall screw gun, these new tools from Milwaukee have the features and performance to make it worth the switch.

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