CP’s Newest 3/4″ Impact Gun

Chicago Pneumatic’s newest 3/4″ impact gun is now available at KMS Tools! The new CP7763D-6 is CP’s first 3/4″ straight impact wrench with a 6″ anvil. It’s lightweight and powerful—and delivers an ideal combination of stability, balance and torque for changing tires on light trucks and heavy vehicles.


The CP7763D-6 features a rugged twin-hammer clutch and steel motor, housed within a lightweight aluminum body. Its new D-handle design and updated ergonomics make this tool more comfortable to operate than a pistol-style impact gun. For professionals spending long days in the garage, this balance and comfort can reduce operator fatigue and improve efficiency.

impact gun

In addition to the D-handle, other operator-friendly upgrades include

  • an easy-to-use forward/reverse toggle lever,
  • an adjustable side handle,
  • an inside-mounted trigger,
  • a secure ring-style socket retainer and
  • a four-position power setting.

Knocking out an ample 1,300 ft-lbs of reverse torque and weighing only 16.1 lbs, the new CP7763D-6 provides professional mechanics, maintenance and repair technicians, and serious hobbyists with a durable, lightweight tool that can loosen wheel nuts all day without shaking your fillings loose.

Visit a store, or shop our flyer or online store to find the CP7763D-6 and other great tools.

Specifications for CP7763D-6 3/4″ Impact Gun 

Model: CP7763D-6
Handle type: D-handle (inside trigger)
Square drive: 3/4″
Working Torque Range (fwd): 250-1070 ft-lbs (340-1,450 Nm)
Maximum Torque (reverse): 1,300 ft-lbs (17,60 Nm)
Free speed: 6,600 rpm
Net weight: 16.1 lb (7.3 kg)
Length: 17.5″ (445 mm)
Side to center: 1.8″ (45 mm)
Actual air consumption: 41 cfm
Air inlet thread size: 0.5 “
Min. hose size: 3/8″ (13 mm)
Sound pressure: 98 db(A)
Sound power: 109 db(A)
Vibration α (ISO-28927-2): 12 m/s²
Vibration K (ISO-28927-2): 3.3 m/s²
Socket retainer: Friction ring
Clutch type: Twin hammer

Post updated April 29, 2017.

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