Uni-ram Heavy-Duty Sandblast Pot – Made in Canada

Maybe your summer project involves restoring a car, truck or boat. If it does, a sandblast pot is a good investment. Sandblasting is an effective, time-saving way to clear rust, remove paint, and clean a variety of surfaces, especially narrow corners and hard-to-reach areas. Available in store on online, the Uni-Ram U100-S holds a 100 lbs of blast media and includes a hose, gun and a ceramic tip. It’s made right here in Canada.

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Fuji Spray HVLP Airless Paint Sprayer – Made in Canada

If you’ve got a painting project lined up this summer, consider adding a new Fuji Spray HVLP airless paint sprayer to your tool collection. With an HVLP airless spray system, you can achieve efficient, high-quality results without having to invest in a high-volume air compressor. And compared to brushes and rollers, spray guns waste less paint and deliver a better finish.

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Die Grinders

Die grinders are among the handiest and most versatile tools available. You can use them to remove paint and rust, clean welds, polish stainless steel, enlarge holes, and port and polish.

Air-powered die grinders are light and compact—made to perform precise cutting and shaping tasks in confined and hard-to-reach areas. Unlike electric die grinders, pneumatic die grinders can’t burn out. They do consume a lot of air, though—usually between 10 and 20 cubic feet per minute (cfm). For improved efficiency, look for higher quality die grinders. They use less air and often deliver smoother operation and more power. 

If you want to learn more about die grinders, read on. This post looks at the following:

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CP’s Newest 3/4″ Impact Gun

Chicago Pneumatic’s newest 3/4″ impact gun is now available at KMS Tools! The new CP7763D-6 is CP’s first 3/4″ straight impact wrench with a 6″ anvil. It’s lightweight and powerful—and delivers an ideal combination of stability, balance and torque for changing tires on light trucks and heavy vehicles.

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Lightweight, Ultra-Quiet Air Compressor from California Air Tools

At a breezy 35.3 lbs, the 2010A ultra-quiet air compressor from California Air Tools is easy to move from project to project. It’s also easy on the ears, cranking out a mere 60 decibels. That means you can have a conversation while the tank recharges. But even if you don’t feel like chatting, the 2010A keeps the volume low while you work—making this ultra-quiet air compressor ideal for finishing carpenters, home renovation contractors or anyone who works in homes, offices or other shared spaces.

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