Arbortech Ball Gouge, Turbo Plane and More!

Arbortech’s innovative, high-quality woodworking tools and accessories are now available at and your nearest KMS Tools location.

Arbortech launched its first product, the Woodcarver Blade, in the mid-1980s. Designed to fit a standard angle grinder, the original Woodcarver Blade could transform an electric grinder into a powerful wood carving tool.

Today Arbortech makes a variety of specialized angle grinder attachments: blades, sanders and carvers, as well as a complete power carver and power chisel—all designed and manufactured in Australia.

Shop the line now or keep reading to learn more about Arbortech’s wood carving grinder attachments and standalone power tools.

Arbortech Ball Gouge

Arbortech’s latest product is the Ball Gouge, a power carving cutter that threads on a 4″ or 4-1/2″ angle grinder. The Ball Gouge cuts in any direction, so you can hollow out bowls and spoons with precision and control. Arbortech’s Anti-Grab technology prevents the Ball Gouge from digging in. Instead the cutter bounces smoothly across your workpiece, leaving a chisel-like finish. The Ball Gouge is an ideal power carving accessory for hollowing and undercutting, detail cutting and rough shaping.

arbortech ball gouge

TURBO Plane, TURBO Shaft and Mini TURBO

Arbortech’s TURBO line includes three wood carving grinder attachments: the TURBO Plane, the TURBO Shaft and the Mini TURBO.

TURBO Plane is a universal wood shaping blade that attaches to a 4″ or 4-1/2″ grinder, out of the box. With durable carbide teeth that slice through hardwood and softwood, the TURBO Plane is the right tool for planing, rough shaping and working with templates. Use it on an angle for free-form carving and shaping or use it flat to plane level surfaces. Either way, the TURBO Plane removes wood quickly and safely—it has no side-exposed cutting teeth—and leaves a smooth finish.

arbortech turbo plane

For detailed power carving and sculpting in narrow and hard-to-reach areas, check out the TURBO Shaft. It excels at carving deep profiles, fine details, letterwork and more. It’s also suitable for template work. TURBO Shaft attaches to any 4″ or 4-1/2″ grinder and includes a depth gauge collar, so you can make consistent, accurate and repeatable cuts.

arbortech turbo shaft

Versatile, accurate and safe, the Mini TURBO can handle a range of tasks: finishing, sanding, rough shaping, planing, template work and more. With its extension, it fits a 4″ or 4-1/2″ grinder. Or you can attach it directly to the Arbortech Mini Grinder power carver. The Mini TURBO set includes a selection of sanding discs. Once you’re done carving, you can finish your work with the same high level of control and access.

arbortech mini turbo

Mini Grinder and Power Chisel

A freehand power carving tool with a 710 Watt electric motor, the Mini Grinder carves and sculpts with control and visibility. Whether you are finishing, sanding, cutting deep profiles, carving fine details or roughing out shapes, this power carver can do it all. Plus it’s compatible with a slew of optional accessories including the Mini TURBO, a tungsten carbide blade or sanding pads.

arbortech mini grinder

The Power Chisel completes the work of a hammer and chisel, only faster and easier. This chisel can cut deep profiles and carve out fine lines, letters, and other details. Its powerful 710 Watt motor pushes through any wood, hard or soft. However, the chisel travels only 1 mm per stroke, optimizing control and accuracy. The Power Chisel includes three high-quality heat-treated chisels, which change with the click of a button. Other chisels are available separately.

arbortech power chisel

Contour Sander

Featuring random orbital action and a patented flexible backing pad, the Contour Sander delivers light or aggressive sanding without burning or scratching. It can finish deep profiles, contours and hard-to-reach areas that usually need to be sanded by hand. Because its flexible backing pad moulds to the workpiece, the Contour Sander is ideal for sanding sculpted and shaped wood. It’s compatible with any 4″ or 4-1/2″ angle grinder.

arbortech contour sander
Contour Sander

Arbortech Power Carving Tools

Take your wood carving to new levels of efficiency and precision with Arbortech power carving grinder attachments and power tools. Because they make cutting, carving, sculpting and sanding faster and easier, you can focus on bringing form and shape to your ideas.

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