Safety Glasses: Find the Right Pair

Whether you’re operating machinery, working with wood or turning wrenches, safety glasses and safety goggles can shield your eyes from harmful debris, impacts and UV rays. KMS Tools has protective eyewear—from clear lenses to sleek safety sunglasses—for almost any job, inside or out.

Shop safety glasses and find over 80 different CSA-approved styles from top brands including 3M, Dentec, Edge, North, Radians, UVEX and more. Or keep reading to learn more about selecting the best protective eyewear for your job.

safety glasses

Clear Safety Glasses

Effective in a wide range of lighting conditions, clear safety glasses allow the most amount of light to reach your eyes. This makes them a good choice for indoor and low-light applications. That’s under a car, below a sink or beneath a forest canopy. In addition to protecting against dirt and debris, most clear safety glasses available at KMS also filter out harmful UV rays, which can damage your eyes over time.

KMS has clear protective eyewear for every budget, including styles that accommodate prescription glasses. KMS also has safety glasses with magnifying bifocal lenses. These offer added visibility for fine detail work and reading small print.

Tinted Safety Glasses

If you work outside, look for a pair of tinted safety glasses. There are many different shades out there, so choose a tint that best suits your work environment. Each tint filters more or less light; this is measured in visible light transmission (VLT). Typically, darker shades have lower VLT ratings.

Smoke and Mirrors

Glasses with smoke and grey lenses filter harsh sunlight, offering visibility similar to sunglasses. This makes them ideal for construction workers, landscapers and machinery operators.

Sometimes, lighting conditions require more than just a dark lens. For instance, the afternoon sun can seem extra harsh when it reflects off water, glass, concrete, metal, etc. In these conditions, wearing a pair of polarized or mirrored safety glasses can reduce glare and improve visibility.

safety glasses

Amber and yellow lenses function well in overcast, foggy or low-light conditions. They’re also an effective option for indoor work. Amber lenses transmit a high amount of visible light and block blue light. In addition, amber lenses can improve how you see contrast and depth.

Like amber lenses, brown lenses improve contrast and depth perception, yet with lower VLT.

Indoor / outdoor lenses perform well inside and out. Under harsh sunlight or in a brightly lit facility, indoor / outdoor lenses can improve comfort and visibility, and lack the dimming effect of darker lenses.

safety glasses

Blue-tinted safety glasses are another option for people who work in both interior and exterior conditions. Blue lenses limit yellow light and provide medium VLT.

Lens Coatings

Both tinted and clear safety glasses are available with a variety of brand-specific coatings, each with its benefits.

For jobs that involve demanding physical work, choose a pair of anti-fog safety glasses. Moreover, anti-fog glasses are a good choice for anyone who works in the cold or in wet, humid conditions.

Another helpful feature, one that will increase the lifespan of your glasses, is anti-scratch coating.

Foam-Lined Safety Glasses and Safety Goggles

For work environments with lots of airborne dust and debris, foam-lined safety glasses offer further protection. By forming a sealed barrier, the foam lining prevents fine contaminants from reaching your eyes through the gaps along the lens.

safety glasses

The nice thing about foamed-lined glasses is that they are lighter and often more comfortable than goggles. Yet in these benefits are also limitations: Foam-lined glasses don’t offer sufficient protection against chemicals and liquids.

For the best overall protection against chemical splashes, fumes and vapours, as well as airborne dust and debris, select a pair impact-resistant safety goggles with indirect vents.

Because they’re sealed, and limit airflow, foam-lined safety glasses and goggles are more susceptible to fogging. With this in mind, ensure that the sealed or close-fitting protective eyewear you purchase features anti-fog coating.

Keep Your Eyes Safe!

Visit KMS Tools and find a comfortable, stylish pair of safety glasses. Then make sure you wear them. With the right protective eyewear you can better focus on the job, knowing that your vision is safe.

Shop protective eyewear today!

safety glasses

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