Magnum Industrial Overhead Air Cleaners

Magnum Industrial now offers three models of in-shop overhead air cleaners. Regardless of the size or demands of your workshop, Magnum Industrial has a solution for airborne dust, making your workspace cleaner and safer.

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magnum industrial air cleaners

Low Profile, High Performance

Meet the newest Magnum Industrial shop air filters: The compact MI-11600 and MI-11650 turbo air scrubbers. These units feature a low-profile design that fits in smaller workshops or spaces with low ceilings or limited overhead clearance.magnum industrial turbo overhead air cleanerDespite their size, both units move up to 850 cfm of air and deliver excellent filtration. The M-11650, with its washable electrostatic and HEPA filters, removes dust and allergens as fine as 0.3 microns. The MI-11600 is equipped with a standard dual filter that removes particles as small as 1 micron. Both units have three speed settings, including a quiet low speed setting. Both provide efficient and effective filtration over a long service life.

Clean Air While You Work

The Magnum Industrial MI-11700 is a full-size ambient air filter with a 1/3 hp continuous-duty motor, two-stage filter, remote control and timer with five presets. It features dual exhaust ports to help efficiently circulate clean air throughout your workspace.

Magnum Industrial Overhead Air Cleaner MI-11700

Moving up to 1,250 cfm, the MI-11700 filters the air in a 400 sq-ft shop over two dozen times per hour. That means you can focus on making precise cuts and spraying an even finish without worrying about contaminating your lungs or your project.

Capture Airborne Dust

An ambient overhead air cleaner is a smart addition to any professional shop or home workspace. Overhead filters gather the fine dust that sneaks through your dust collection system: allergens and particles that have potential to affect both your respiratory health and the quality of your spray finishes.

With Magnum Industrial’s compact air cleaners, you can breathe clean air in your workshop, even if you have limited space. In addition, these turbo scrubbers capture the dust created when hand sanding and when using portable electric power tools that aren’t connected to your shop dust collector.

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