Why the Smokies?

In years that are less strange, all KMS locations offer free smokies and pop during the monthly 3 Day Sales. What’s that about?

Well, a few things! Who doesn’t crave a steaming hot smokie fresh off the grill, smothered in fried onions, and lightly kissed by ketchup and mustard? It’s one of the ways that we show our customers that we appreciate them.

But MORE IMPORTANTLY, the friendly faces you see behind the BBQs are volunteers for a myriad of non-profit organizations! They dedicate their weekends to raising awareness and funds for causes that are dear to their hearts.

Although half of the smokie fundraisers across all KMS locations had to be canceled in 2020 due to covid-19, volunteers were still able to raise $52,000 for many great charitable causes, thanks to our generous customers! These include fighting poverty locally and abroad, helping refugees and orphans, programs for youth and for seniors, cancer research, and more!


Q: Can my organization sign up to fundraise?
A: Contact the manager of your local KMS to find out!

Q: What kind of meat is in the smokies?
A: This varies by location. Most are a mix of pork and beef.

Q: When are these events held?
A: Check kmstools.com for the next 3 Day Sale dates!

Q: Why does the flyer say they are free if the volunteers are collecting donations?
A: There is absolutely no obligation to donate. KMS pays for all of the food and supplies, and is happy to provide a free lunch for you!  If you are moved by the cause being promoted, your kind donations are welcomed.

Q: Why are some locations still doing smokies during the pandemic?
A: The need for fundraising never goes away, and is in fact amplified at times like these. The volunteers are taking all of the precautions to ensure your smokie is safe.

Q: Why are some locations not doing smokies during the pandemic?
A: In some of the cities where we’re located it can be difficult to find charities with ready volunteers in the best of times. Adding the pandemic to the mix makes it that much more challenging.

Q: Why has KMS Kamloops not done smokies in years?
A: We ask ourselves this every day. They were a franchise with their own freedoms, until we recently acquired them back! Smokies are in the plans, post-pandemic!

Thank you for your support!

6 thoughts on “Why the Smokies?

  1. Hi, I’ve been getting KMS emails for over 3 years and this is the first I have heard of this. When is the event supposed to happen? I have probably a couple totes of used and unused tools that I would love to donate. I’m in Calgary. Thank you


    1. Hi Kristopher,
      The smokie BBQ fundraisers generally happen during our monthly 3 Day Sales, however during the pandemic they have been very hit and miss. We hope to become more consistent again soon!

      We will happily accept your tool donations for our Tools for the World program at any point during store hours!

      Thanks for asking!


    1. Hi Bob,
      We’ve been doing our free smokie days for many years! They would normally happen during all of our monthly 3 Day Sales, however have been far less consistent in recent months. We look forward to a post-pandemic, free-smokies-every-month world!


  2. When are the car shows, and smokies coming back. I look so forward to the monthly smokies, and the car show is the best in the Lower Mainland. Miss them both. Eagerly awaiting their return.


    1. Hi Mike,
      We also look forward to hosting our annual Show & Shines, and regular smokies again! The smokies have been continuing sporadically in some of our locations, and will hopefully become more predictable again soon! As for the car shows, we are hopeful for this season, but of course we will have to wait and see how the health regulations unfold. Thanks for your excitement!


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