Tools for the World : A Look At 2020

2020 came with its challenges, felt throughout the entire globe. Tools for the World and our partner organization- Compassionate Resource Warehouse also felt the pandemic’s effects, with a greatly reduced number of hours that volunteers were able to prepare items for shipping, as well as additional challenges in clearing and distribution.
Despite these setbacks, we were still able to send out 42 pallets of tools to 12 countries!

Skill development centres in Jordan, Malawi, Uganda, Ghana, and Burundi, have begun teaching carpentry, plumbing, and mechanical skills, offering a brighter future for the upcoming generation.

Care facilities in Moldova, and in Ghana are now receiving much needed maintenance.

A youth center is being constructed in Mexico for at-risk and impoverished teens, as well as homes for single parent families.

Your tools will help revive Honduras in the wake of the hurricanes that ravaged the land in November, killing 94, and leaving 150,000 homeless.

It was a difficult year for many, but with your generosity, the right tools are put into the hands of eager workers, ready to build a more hopeful future!

Thank you for your support!

6 thoughts on “Tools for the World : A Look At 2020

  1. I am seeking a broad description as to what constitutes “good old tools”.
    What tools? Power tools only? Hand tools? Please be specific about examples. Also, what sort of things do you not want.


    1. Hi Ken,
      We’ll take just about anything! Hand tools, power tools, woodworking and metalworking tools and machinery, garden tools, construction tools and safety equipment, etc! If it’s in need of minor repairs, no problem. If it’s too broken to be useful, maybe it should be recycled instead. The only specific items we are currently asking you do not donate are vacuums/shop vacs. Other than that, if it’s useful here, it’s probably also useful overseas! In the event that an item is not worth sending to a developing country, it may be sold with the proceeds going to the program, though this is rare.
      Thanks for asking!


    1. Hi Elena,
      Yes, we are continuing to collect tools, and screws and nails will be a good addition as well!
      Thank you for your contributions!


  2. Hello,

    I’m excited to learn about your tool donation program. My dad was a heavy duty mechanic and has left me with quite a selection of hand tools, including sockets, wrenches, files, pry bars, pliers, screw drivers, hammers and much more. Are you still accepting donations and if so, who should I contact about getting the tools to you?




    1. Hi Scot,
      Thanks for reaching out! Yes, the Tools for the World program is ongoing. Tools can be dropped off at any KMS Tools location during store hours. Most locations have a drop bin near the front of the store, or larger quantities can go to the warehouse doors. If you have further questions, send us an email at
      Thanks for letting your dad’s old tools give new hope around the world!


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