2021 Show & Shines?

UPDATE:  The 25th Annual KMS Coquitlam Charity Show & Shine will be postponed until 2022.  Check back for an online contest!

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Please bear with us as we navigate the current and upcoming public health orders, which will determine the probability of us being able to hold our three Annual Charity Show & Shines this year, at our Coquitlam, Edmonton, and Calgary locations.

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KMS Sponsors 245 Children Around the World!

Believing that education, clean water, and health care are key to breaking the cycle of poverty, KMS has always been a big supporter of child sponsorships.

World Vision and Compassion offer a path to self-sustainability for children around the world and their entire communities by partnering with them to better their agriculture, education, business training, sanitation, and more!

This year we’ve expanded our support to an additional 145 kids! With a total of 245 child sponsorships, we’ll now be giving $117,588 annually to defeat poverty!

Why the Smokies?

In years that are less strange, all KMS locations offer free smokies and pop during the monthly 3 Day Sales. What’s that about?

Well, a few things! Who doesn’t crave a steaming hot smokie fresh off the grill, smothered in fried onions, and lightly kissed by ketchup and mustard? It’s one of the ways that we show our customers that we appreciate them.

But MORE IMPORTANTLY, the friendly faces you see behind the BBQs are volunteers for a myriad of non-profit organizations! They dedicate their weekends to raising awareness and funds for causes that are dear to their hearts.

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Tools for the World : A Look At 2020

2020 came with its challenges, felt throughout the entire globe. Tools for the World and our partner organization- Compassionate Resource Warehouse also felt the pandemic’s effects, with a greatly reduced number of hours that volunteers were able to prepare items for shipping, as well as additional challenges in clearing and distribution.
Despite these setbacks, we were still able to send out 42 pallets of tools to 12 countries!

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Changing the World, One Smokie at a Time!

If you’ve stopped into KMS during a 3 Day Sale, there’s a good chance you’ve followed your nose and your heart to the smokie stand, and experienced one in all it’s splendor.
The monthly BBQs are run by volunteers who brave the weather to promote their causes.  Though the smokies & pop are completely on the house, you, our generous customers across our 9 KMS locations donated $74,029 to 36 different local and global causes in 2016!!
(Complete list below)
Thank you for your contributions, and thank you to the volunteers for changing the world, one smokie at a time!
See you next 3 Day Sale!

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Helping Children Around the World

For many years, KMS Tools has been supporting children around the world, helping them to get the clean water, nutritious food, access to medicines, and education that every child deserves.  Our sponsorship also greatly impacts their communities, encouraging them towards self-sustainability.  With 50 children in 27 countries to our name, we gave $23,400 to bring hope through World Vision in 2015.

Thank you for supporting KMS, so that we can continue to support children in need!