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Safety Glasses: Find the Right Pair

Whether you’re operating machinery, working with wood or turning wrenches, safety glasses and safety goggles can shield your eyes from harmful debris, impacts and UV rays. KMS Tools has protective eyewear—from clear lenses to sleek safety sunglasses—for almost any job, inside or out.

Shop safety glasses and find over 80 different CSA-approved styles from top brands including 3M, Dentec, Edge, North, Radians, UVEX and more. Or keep reading to learn more about selecting the best protective eyewear for your job.

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Dynamic Safety Hard Hats – Made in Canada

Keep your noggin safe with a Canadian-made hard hat!

Did you know that Dynamic Safety Promo International designs and manufactures hard hats in Canada? These Type 1 and 2 hard hats comply with CSA standards and come in an array of vibrant colours—from hi-vis orange to grey and everything in between. Moreover, with a great selection of styles, you can find the hard hat you need for your jobsite.

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3M Products at KMS Tools

Did you know that KMS Tools is an authorized 3M dealer? With 100+ skus of 3M products, including respirators, safety glasses, tapes, earmuffs, abrasives and more, KMS Tools has the 3M products you need.

Shop the 3M line now or keep reading to learn more about the innovative and useful 3M products available at KMS Tools.

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Howard Leight Ear Plugs

Howard Leight is primarily a hearing protection company and is a subsidiary of the world leader in safety equipment, Honeywell Safety Products.  For over 30 years Howard Leight has turned the noise down and listened to what their customers really need.  Today, they lead the industry by having the most choices of in-ear hearing protection while offering the latest innovations. As a leader in hearing protection, Howard Leight is committed to moving forward by taking comfort and protection to a new level.  They promise to pursue the prevention of occupational hearing loss by offering the best in performance and comfort.

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Trend® Airshield Face Protection System

In the Face Shield World of vision protection, the emphasis has always been on deflecting particulate matter flying directly at you. While typical industry-standard face shields do a good job at that, often the fine particulate remains airborne, finding its way around the face shield or sometimes through its vents, causing dust and debris between your eyes and the shield.

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