Milwaukee QUIK-LOK Delivers Versatility and Clean Performance to Landscape Pros and Homeowners

Now available at KMS Tools locations and online at, Milwaukee QUIK-LOK features four essential landscaping tools—a string trimmer, pole saw, hedge trimmer and edger—that attach to a cordless power head. QUIK LOK offers a solid mix of versatility and performance, making it an intriguing option in the ever-growing world of cordless outdoor power equipment.

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What is QUIK-LOK?

Essentially, QUIK-LOK is a single cordless power head that drives multiple attachments. Each attachment swaps out tool-free, making for easy transitions between applications. Just click the attachment into the power head and secure it with a twist of the onboard thumb screw.

While cleaner and quieter than gas-powered equipment, Milwaukee QUIK-LOK doesn’t skimp on power. Its brushless motor cuts through thick grass and brush with the trimmer attachment. The pole saw attachment cuts hardwood up to 3″ thick. This system is ideal for landscape maintenance professionals who need powerful tools for sites where noise and emission control is necessary.

What’s more, with the versatility of the QUIK-LOK system, these tools are an excellent option for homeowners. QUIK-LOK streamlines your lawn and garden tools, and saves space in your garden shed. All without sacrificing performance.

QUIK-LOK Power Head: Pro-Level Cutting Performance

Loaded with Milwaukee’s latest cordless tech, the QUIK-LOK power head delivers excellent power and runtime. The power head is designed to run on an M18 High Demand 9.0 Ah battery pack, yet it’s compatible with all M18 batteries. Keep this in mind: Using batteries other than the 9.0 Ah will affect runtime and balance, that is, the way the tool feels in your hands. When using landscaping tools over the course of a day, balance is an essential factor to ensuring comfort, control and efficiency. For QUIK-LOK, the 9.0 Ah battery settles the tool in the sweet spot, making it the ideal power source.

In addition, the power head features a POWERSTATE brushless motor and REDLINK PLUS intelligence, which protects the tool against overheating, overloading and over discharging.

It’s equipped with two speed settings (turtle and hare) and a variable speed trigger.

What’s notable is the super quick throttle. It delivers near-instantaneous speed, reaching full rpm in under one second. The powerful-yet-compact brushless motor doesn’t bog down and, while it’s not as brawny as a gas engine, it offers top-notch performance and feel—without the mess or noise of two-stroke combustion.

The next part of this post will review each QUIK-LOK attachment.

Milwaukee M18 QUIK-LOK String Trimmer

The keystone of the QUIK-LOK system, the string trimmer clears brush, trims turf and whacks weeds anywhere your mower can’t. When teamed with a 9.0 Ah battery, the trimmer delivers 1 hour of runtime per charge.

Other features include

  • Easy load trimmer head that holds up to 25′ of line
  • Bump feed system for fast, efficient line delivery

QUIK-LOK String Trimmer Specifications

RPM: 0-4,900 / 0-6,200
Cutting swath: 14″ to 16″
Line diameter: 0.080″ / 0.095″
Line capacity: 25′
Length: 70.5″ (with power head)
Width: 13″
Height: 11.25″
Weight: 9.85 lbs (with power head)

At KMS Tools, the trimmer is sold with the power head, a 9.0 Ah battery and quick charger (MILW-282521ST). In addition, KMS can special order the String Trimmer Attachment or a tool-only version that includes the power head and trimmer. Contact your nearest branch for more info or check out the KMS Tools flyer for the latest prices and special offers.

Milwaukee M18 QUIK-LOK 10″ Pole Saw

Take on pruning and tree trimming jobs—even hardwood like oak, hickory and cherry. The QUIK-LOK pole saw attachment has a 10″ Oregon bar and chain that makes smooth cuts with less kickback. It’s also got an automatic oiler, easy-access tensioner, and a handy hook for moving branches beyond arm’s reach.

When powered by a 9.0 Ah battery pack, the pole saw can make up to 150 cuts per charge through 3″ oak.

QUIK-LOK Pole Saw Specifications

RPM: 0-4,600
Bar length: 10″
Chain pitch: 3/8″ low profile
Chain gauge: 0.043″
Length: 50.25″ (84″ with power head)
Width: 3.5″
Height: 5.75″
Weight: 4.2 lbs (12.7 lbs with power head)

Leave your ladder in the garage and take advantage of the 3′ extension (MILW-49162721). It works with both the pole saw and hedge trimmer.

The pole saw is also available in a special order kit with the power head, extension, a battery, charger and more.

Milwaukee M18 QUIK-LOK Articulating Hedge Trimmer

Building on the overall usefulness of the QUIK-LOK lineup, the hedge trimmer attachment has a rotating blade, so you can make square cuts in hard-to-reach places. With 13 possible cutting positions and a storage position, the 20″ blade cuts up to 1″. Most other electric hedge trimmers max out at 3/4″.

Other features include

  • Tip guard to protect blade
  • Padded grip for additional comfort and control
  • Gearbox reduces power head rpm, ideal for hedge trimming

QUIK-LOK Hedge Trimmer Specifications

RPM: 0-3,500
Blade length: 20″
Cutting speed: 3,500 strokes per minute
Cutting capacity: 1″
Length: 60″
Width: 5.5″
Height: 3″
Weight: 5.8 lbs

Milwaukee M18 QUIK-LOK Edger

Put the finishing touches on your lawn with the QUIK-LOK edger. It’s equipped with an 8″ blade, a heavy-duty metal alloy blade guard and mud flaps that keep the dirt on the ground—where it belongs. In addition, a skid plate protects the gearbox and the blade adjusts so you can find the optimal cutting depth for each job.

Like the articulating hedge trimmer, the QUIK-LOK edger is geared for lower speeds, maxing out at 3,900 rpm.

QUIK-LOK Edger Specifications

RPM: 0-3,900
Blade size: 8″
Length: 38″
Width: 5″
Height: 12.5″
Weight: 5.25 lbs

Milwaukee QUIK-LOK

With multiple attachments and an efficient cordless power head, Milwaukee QUIK-LOK is a welcome addition to the outdoor power equipment department at KMS Tools. This system can save space on your truck or in your garage, while at the same time, also provide high-quality results on a variety of demanding jobs, where comfort, efficiency and precision truly matter.

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