Makita DUC353Z 36 Volt 14″ Cordless Chainsaw

Balanced and fast, the new Makita DUC353 36 volt 14″ cordless chainsaw features a direct-drive brushless motor and a maximum chain speed of 3,940 feet per minute, matching the output of a 30 cc gas-powered chainsaw. The DUC353 is built for professionals—landscapers, arborists, etc.—and is loaded with features that make it safe, efficient and dependable. Check out or the latest flyer for an outstanding price on this shiny new cordless chainsaw.

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Makita DRS780Z 36 Volt 7-1/4″ Rear Handle Cordless Circular Saw

Makita’s new heavy-duty 36 volt cordless circular saw is now on shelves at KMS Tools! Rugged, powerful and loaded with features, this 7-1/4″ cordless circular saw is designed for construction professionals. With its rear handle, helical gear drive and twin battery packs, it stands out visually from other cordless circular saws. It also stands out in several key performance areas: power, cutting capacity and runtime.

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Makita DLM431Z 36 Volt Cordless Lawn Mower Is Here!

The Makita 36 volt cordless lawn mower (DLM431Z) is now available at KMS Tools—just in time for Father’s Day! This lawn mower uses two Makita 18 volt lithium ion batteries to efficiently and quietly cut lawns up to 10,000 sq-ft.

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M18 Fuel Drywall Screw Gun and M18 Cut-Out Tool

After much anticipation, Milwaukee’s M18 FUEL cordless drywall screw guns and M18 cut-out tools are now available at KMS Tools! Check out our March 2017 flyer for fantastic prices on these and other Milwaukee M18 cordless tools.

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Bosch CORE18V Battery Is Here

Bosch’s new CORE18V battery is now available for order at KMS Tools! Visit this page to order the CORE18V battery and be one of the first to experience its upgraded power and runtime.

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DeWalt FLEXVOLT 12″ Dual Bevel Sliding Mitre Saw

DeWalt FLEXVOLT has arrived at KMS Tools! One of the most exciting products in this new line is the DHS790AT2 12″ cordless dual bevel sliding mitre saw. That’s right, a cordless mitre saw. And we’ve got it for $1,099.95* including two batteries, a charger, 12″ blade, AC adapter and bonus free stand.

Powered by either two 60 Volt FLEXVOLT batteries or an AC power cord, the DHS790AT2 uses its powerful and efficient 120 Volt brushless motor to cut up to 7-1/2″ of nested crown moulding—delivering both the convenience of cordless and the output and reliability of corded power.

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Milwaukee M12 Heated Jacket

Look for the latest version of Milwaukee’s ever-popular heated jackets at a KMS Tools location near you. These jackets have built-in carbon fibre heating elements powered by a M12 lithium-ion battery. A one-touch controller allows you to choose from one of three heat settings and independently control the front hand pocket and chest and back heat zones.

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Makita DMR200 Jobsite Speaker with Bluetooth

Powered by any Makita slide-style battery pack (12V MAX CXT, 14.4V Li-Ion or 18V LXT) or an AC power source, Makita’s new Bluetooth speaker is both versatile and tough. It has an International Protection rating of IP64, so it’s impervious to dust and debris, and can endure more than a few splashes of water before it gives up the ghost.

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DeWalt has announced its newest cordless technology, FLEXVOLT, which brings corded power to a cordless system.

The FLEXVOLT battery switches voltage to match the tool, so it’s compatible with DeWalt’s existing 20V MAX platform as well as the new 60V MAX and 120V MAX cordless lineup that includes a cordless table saw and cordless 12″ sliding mitre saw. The new mitre saw uses two FLEXVOLT 60V MAX batteries to deliver 120 Volts and the cutting performance of a corded saw.

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