Resharpen Dull, Broken Drill Bits In Under A Minute

Tools are an investment, to be sure, but so is the tooling that you need to operate it. Probably the most common type of tooling there is is the lowly twist drill used by just about very type of trade there is. We break them, we ask them to perform in extreme situations and we continue to use them even though they are screaming out and pushing back in their effort to indicate they’re just not working for us anymore!

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Removing Broken & Seized Fasteners

It never fails! Just when you think you’ve got the whole disassembly thing under control you either twist off a nut, break or round off a screw, or strip out the threads entirely. This can often be a frustrating time-waster with no quick fix available. More often than not, removing the broken piece and/or repairing the broken threads can take longer than all the disassembly work you’ve done to that point. There are however, a few tips, tricks and tools that might make the job easier.

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Wera Kraftform 6pc Insulated Screwdriver Set

Ever been out in the field working on some broken down piece of…machinery when your trusty screwdriver slips and strips out a screw? Now, if you’re like me, you left your easy-outs in your tool box back at the shop or at home and now you’re stuck there creating all kinds of interesting word combination’s.

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